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Wants List

Hi there! Here is an updated wants list for the Secret Swap.
I'm in the process of redoing my website, so this will be more reliable for the SSS and general. ^^"
I don't care if the items are Japanese or US versions (if applicable), unless otherwise stated.
Thanks so much!!!
(Updated February 4, 2017)

'Saur Plush
("life-sized" play by play bulbasaur with fuzzy fabric, rolly plush, treat keeper, mirage plush, may's bulbasaur without pot plant)
(follylolly's custom beanie, plush keychain, this EXACT banpresto with hard eyes, oversized pokedoll, laying plush)

(US online pokecen ditto keychain plush with white clip, banpresto ivysaur)

(venusaur prototype, BK venusaur, kororin venusaur)

(pikachu hoodie venusaur plush, pikachu hoodie venusaur coin purse, 2016 japanese rerelease of pokecen plush only)

'Saur Misc

(dot sprite venusaur, kanto starters kuji charms, bulbasaur block prize AND dedenne)

(pikachu and bulbasaur keychain, regular and black/white bulbasaur, this ivysaur tomy)

(pokecen bulbasaur keychain, grabby figure, these 2 bulbasaur tcg)

(bulbasaur cookie cutter sold at hottopic, waza rubber strap)

(bulbasaur lanyard, kanto starters and evolutions tumber)

(grass type pokecen online cup, bulbasaur pokecen online pin only, bulbasaur hoodie charm)

(ivysaur pokecen online pin only, ivysaur think chip, this red nendoroid set)

(venusaur block, spinning venusaur pokecen online keychain, this 20th anniversary postcard or clearfile)

(saur line zukan must include all pieces and base)


(espeon ditto mascot, espeon ditto full size)

(this 2016 banpresto prize plush, new tomy mascot)

(kororin plush, its demo cushion)

(pokemon sketch clearfile, halloween strap, espeon&eevee&umbreon zukan all pieces, umbreon&espeon charm)

Growlithe & Arcanine

(sleeping plush, eyes open plush, pikachu hoodie plush)

(not released yet 2017 tomy arcanine plush, kororin growlithe only, arcanine figure, this playset with all pieces)

Other Collections

2016 banpresto dedenne mascot, bonnie/dedenne watch, dedenne/pika/zygarde button only)

(dedenne eraser red only, pillow plush, plush plush, hasbro)

(bell plush, jakks wingull from this set only, jakks action pelipper, clear wingull kid)

(action wingull jakks, jakks mismagius, all star mismagius plush, this pika pair)

(battle figure, scrafty kid figure, scraggy with you button, waza figure)

(pokecen plush, large LEGIT banpresto scraggy, mini pokedoll scraggy, scraggy pouch, helioptile pitapoke doesnt need set)

(helioptile candy figure, hariyama stamp)

Non-Pokemon Wants Below (ignore these for SSS lol)
Stitch Tsum Tsums

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