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Sales Closed Indefinitely

Permanent update: For all orders paid for before Tuesday, January 17th, ALL parcels have been shipped as of Wednesday, January 18th. If your tracking information is not in Paypal, and you have not received your parcel please contact me so I can get your tracking information. Thank you so much!

Current sale: Buy 5 items get the 6th (lesser value item) free, 10 items get the 11th and 12th free, and so forth.

Hi! Welcome to my sales. Please read the rules!

*INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FROM USA STARTS AT $9.50 to Canada and $13.50 elsewhere*
I charge for shipping as quoted by USPS + Paypal fees.

2) Please do not ask for quote unless you have the following minimums before shipping:

3) If the item isn't very specific (like "squirtle figure"), please post the link to the picture or give more of a description to help me figure out what you are inquiring about! :)

4) Please do not edit your posts. If you need to add or edit things, please reply to your comment.

5) POST IS SEARCHABLE. Command/Ctrl + F!

++Click most pictures for full size.

*Rules updated 10/26/16
*I was granted sales permission on 7/27/13 by entirelycliched
*Feedback can be found here:
*I ship from FL in the USA and only accept PayPal.
*All community rules apply unless otherwise addressed in the following statements.
*I do not sell to banned users of PKMNCollectors.
*I do ship internationally, but please understand that it is more expensive to ship internationally than domestically from the USA.
*My shipping fees are based on the cost of shipping estimated through the USPS site. I will ship First Class unless over 13 ounces then I use priority (domestic).
*I ONLY SHIP PRIORITY MAIL OR FIRST CLASS USPS. I no longer ship standard ground/media mail. Sorry for the inconvenience.
*I am not responsible for lost or damaged goods. Please make sure you get insurance if concerned.
*You may ask for a quote, and you will be given priority over other inquiries for 12 hours. If you do not respond within 12 hours after your post, then I will have to move onto the next person.
*If you commit to a purchase, I expect payment within 24 hours of commitment. However, if there is an issue, please speak to me, and we can work something out! Otherwise, backing out of a commitment may lead to negative feedback
*If there are any problems with your order, please let me know, and I will work to sort it out with you.
*My home is completely smoke free, but I do have 2 cats and 3 dogs. My pets do not come near the items, and I will look for stray fur hairs before shipping, but be wary if you are extremely allergic to cats and/or dogs.
*If you are worried about condition of items, please ask before purchasing!
*I try to ship within 5 days of receiving money, but if there is an unexpected incident I'll let you know.
*Lastly, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Assorted plush.
Row 1: Salamence $10, Noibat $10, Pikachu $12, Dragonite pokedoll $49, Pachirisu pokedoll $15, Whiscash pokedoll $35
Row 2: Custom Shiny Litleo $5, Ralts $10, Oshawott Canvas & Snivy Canvas $10 each or $17 together, victini $8

Fennekin $6 each.
Unavailable ones are marked with white Xs.
Each plush is $6.
Row 1: umbreon, substitute, gyarados, eevee, lilligant, petilil
Row 2: torchic egg, eevee 1, goodra crochet, cottonee, whimsicott, eevee 2
Row 3: azurill, leafeon, magikarp, pikachu, ditto, squirtle
Each plush is $6.
Row 1: mienfoo pokedoll, bonsly pokedoll, drillbur pokedoll, tentacool, mystery dungeon pikachu, mystery dungeon piplup, eevee 1
Row 2: keldeo pokedoll, flareon, charmander, eevee 2, mime jr, eevee 3, sylveon, eevee 4, marill
Row 3: squirtle, mega lucario, snubbull, cubchoo, piplup, leafeon, glaceon, litwick
Each plush is $1. These plush are marked cheaply, so some may have damage.
Row 1: treecko 1, squirtle 1, squirtle 2, squirtle 3, squirtle 4, oshawott 1, oshawott 2
Row 2: oshawott 3, tepig 1, charmander, dewott, tepig 2, oshawott 4
Row 3: treecko 2, oshawott 5, pikachu, tepig, jigglypuff 1, jigglypuff 2
Each plush is $1. These plush are marked cheaply, so some may have damage.
Row 1: chatot, darumaka, pancham, miccino, grotle (possible bootleg), psyduck
Row 2: lapras, victini, stunfisk, lillipup, pansage 1, pansage 2
Row 3: umbreon (bootleg), tynamo, umbreon (bootleg), victini, manaphy, probopass, munna
Each plush is $1. These plush are marked cheaply, so some may have damage.
Row 1: meloetta, tornadus (possible bootleg), landorus (possible bootleg), pokeball, meowth 1, meowth 2, chimchar, mewtwo
Row 2: f, patrat, bonsly, dragonite (bootleg), gengar, darmanitan, poliwhirl, munchlax
Row 3: uxie, keldeo, psyduck, pidove, wobbuffet, axew, zorua, sudowoodo, mime jr.
Row 4: fletchling, woobat, jigglypuff, braviary, buneary, bear with pikachu patch, snorlax, pikachu, mantyke, ambipom, pidove (possible bootleg), azurill
Each plush is $1. These plush are marked cheaply, so some may have damage.
Row 1: pikachu 1, snivy, oshawott 1, oshawott 2, oshawott 3
Row 2: pikachu 2, pikachu 3, pikachu 4, pikachu 5, pikachu 6, pikachu 7, pikachu 8
Row 3: pikachu 9, pichu 1, pikachu 10, pikachu 11, pikachu 12, pichu 2, pichu 3, froakie

Large plush.
10 each before shipping: Oshawott, Tepig, pikachu 1, pikachu 2, pikachu 3

Large plush. Please understand shipping WILL MOST LIKELY begin shipping at $6.95 for priority.
Row 1 $12 each: Oshawott, Sylveon, Eevee 1, Eevee 2, Umbreon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Leafeon
Row 2: Pikachu $1, Pichu $4, Larvitar $6, Phanpy $6, Wobbuffet $6, Goodra $12, Goomy $12

Large plush. Please understand shipping WILL MOST LIKELY begin shipping at $6.95 for priority.
Reshiram $8, Zekrom $8, Zorua 1 $3, Zorua 2 $5, Celebi $15, Squirtle $5

Large Eevee $50 shipped within USA or $70 shipped globally.
Fennekin 1:1 $60 shipped within USA or $80 shipped globally.


Kid Figures Gens 1&2: $1 each
Row 1: Pika 1, pika 2, pika 3, pika 4, pika 5, chikorita, charmander, charmeleon, ivysaur x3, totodile x2, cyndaquil x2
Row 2: Pichu, clefairy, dodrio, bellsprout, sentret, wooper, lapras, abra, voltorb, moltres 1, omastar, mewtwo 1
Row 3: kabuto, slowbro, goldeen, seaking, tentacruel, machoke, snorlax, pinsir, moltres 2, mewtwo 2 x2
Row 4: rhyhorn, phanpy, venonat, goldeen 2, farfetch'd, staryu, seel, remoraid, pinsir 2, mew
Row 5: jynx, hoppip, wooper 2, lickitung, machamp, sudowoodo, parasect, paras, chinchou, sluga, magcargo
Row 6: meowth, slowking, pidgey, seel 2, vileplume, nidoran, nidoqueen, nidoran, nidoking, natu, articuno

Kid Figures (mostly) Gen 3+: $1 each
Row 1: grovyle, treecko, flygon 1, flygon 2, jirachi, shedinja, castform 1, castform 2, snorunt, cradily, bonsly 1, gorebyss, nuzleaf
Row 2: cherubi, infernape, piplup, chimchar, turtwig 1, mesprit, shaymin, snover, azelf, yanmega, roserade
Row 3: mantyke, arceus, lumineon, giratina, happiny, mime jr. manaphy, oshawott, uxie, purugly
Row 4: chimecho, bonsly 2, ranger trainer, palkia, hippopotas, cherrim, aipom (gen 2 snuck in woops), swellow, mismagius, solrock, turtwig 2
Row 5: mudkip, shuppet, kyogre, barboach, sealeo, exploud, metagross, munchlax 1, munchlax 2
Row 6: crawdaunt, skitty, cresselia dx, minun&plusle, plusle, minun, piplup 2, electrike, seviper

Assorted kid figures. All figures $2 each.
Row 1: jolteon 1, jolteon 2, mib fennekin attack kid, attack fennekin, fennekin, pearl fennekin $6
Row 2: jolteon 3, glaceon, eevee 1, eevee 2, flareon
Row 3: leafeon, vaporeon, magikarp, mankey, victini
Row 4: gengar, squirtle, charizard, pikachu, ho-oh dx

V-trainer figures $5 each.
Feraligatr, houndoom, dragonite, charizard, ledian, teddiursa
raichu, ampharos, phanpy, sentret, steelix, heracross, pichu

Hasbro figures.
Row 1: Charizard $4, Aggron $4, Metagross $6, Blaziken $4, Sceptile $4
Row 2: Sharpedo $3, Seviper $3, Poochyena $5, Vigoroth $3, Lairon x2 $3

Tomy/Hasbro/Assorted figures $1 each (all legit).
Row 1: clefable, hoothoot, scatterbug, nidoking, tangela, medicham, sneasel, mewtwo, psyduck, zapdos, golem, ariados
Row 2: clefairy, suicune, mareep, pikachu 1, venonat 1, geodude, pikachu 2, blissey, pikachu 3, torchic, moltres, sandslash
Row 3: pidgey, marowak, sunflora, treecko, hypno, ekans, cubone, sandshrew, mankey, seadra, togepi
Row 4: pidgeot, drowzee, deoxys, venonat 2, togepi 2, spearow, heracross, alakazam, meowth, gengar 1, horsea, ledyba
Row 5: stantler, totodile 1, totodile 2, raikou, snorlax, staryu, venomoth, sharpedo, gengar 2, houndoom, doduo, psyduck

Tomy/Hasbro/Assorted figures $1 each (all legit).
Row 1: Pikachu 1, pikachu 2, wynaut, primeape, snubbull, wartortle, furret, mewtwo, poliwhirl, poliwrath, poliwag
Row 2: beedrill, golduck, hitmonchan, hitmonlee, eevee, wigglytuff, jigglypuff, zubat, diglett, dugtrio
Row 3: pikachu 3, pikachu 4, pikachu 5, jirachi, sandshrew, chikorita, croconaw, shuckle, gyarados, slowking, farfetch'd, mudkip, lickitung
Row 4: raticate, dodrio, venomoth, fearow, mew, larvitar, lapras, starmie, weezing

Miscellaneous small figures $0.50 each.
Row 1: munchlax, spoink, broken kakuna, deoxys, james, rapidash, ninetales, wigglytuff, voltorb, squirtle, blastoise, zigzagoon, wurmple
Row 2: cacnea, corphish, duskull, shroomish, aron, metapd, blastoise, charmander, squirtle, pikachu 1, pikachu 2, pikachu 3
Row 3: bagon, pichu, misty w/psyduck, ash w/pikachu, anorith, tailow, venusaur, pikachu 4, pikachu 5, pikachu 6, pikachu 7
Row 4: mudkip, bagon, clefable x2, charmander, bagon, torchic, raticate, charizard, caterpie, rattata, pikachu 8
Row 5: geodude, pikachu 9, stantler, azurill, mewtwo, meowth, treecko, quagsire, paras, bulbasaur, duskull

Assorted figures $1 each.
Row 1: Kangaskhan, cubone, pikachu 1, pikachu 2, pikachu 3, charmander 1, victini
Row 2: wingull, cacturne, grovyle, swellow, skarmory, munchlax, combusken, marshtomp 1, charmander 2, articuno
Row 3: volbeat, marshtomp 2, celebi, pikachu 4, pikachu 5, swampert

Assorted figures.
Row 1: Mewtwo zukan $3, genesect zukan $3, unova starters zukan $5, oshawott line zcharmeukan $4
Row 2: braixen $1, delphox $1, fennekin 1: $1, fennekin 2: $2, fennekin 3: $3, fennekin 4: $3
Row 3: wartortle $4, charmeleon $4, sugimori charmeleon $7, mega lucario $2, deoxys $2, bronze goomy figure $4
Row 4: sleeping figures $4 each (squirtle, zygarde, charmander, pikachu, treecko, lucario)

Pitapoke playset: $25
All pieces included, most parts never opened, EXCEPT dedenne pitapoke is NOT included.

Assorted figures/items $1 each.
Row 1: pikachu 1, oshawott 1, oshawott 2, axew, poliwag, meowth, charmander
Row 2: electabuzz, voltorb x2, nidoking, golem, graveler, pikachu 2, elekid
Row 3: tangela, jigglypuff 1, jigglypuff 2, venonat, tepig, piplup, tauros, ditto
Row 4: seadra, snivy, victini, turtqig, nidorino, slowpoke, nidoran, mew
Row 5: kabuto, koffing, rhyhorn, chansey, gengar, mew, dragonite

Assorted figures.
Row 1: Typhlosion $8, oshawott pokedoll figure $6, spinarak $5, victini $2, oshawott shooter $5, sylveon $4, eevee pokedoll figure $9, pikachu electronic $4, eevee banpresto $5, beautiful! trubbish custom $4
Row 2: feraligatr $5, samurott $2, small oshawott $2, banpresto oshawott $4, fennekin $3, dedenne $3, glaceon $3, eevee w/card $5, resting eevee $3, umbreon $3, eevee $3, victini $3

Assorted figures.
Row 1: Steven stone button $1, pikachu $3, torchic $4, pikachu 2 $3, mudkip $4
Row 2: pikachu 3 $3, froakie $4, bunnelby $4

Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra items $4 each (except flat shiny goomy item all the way to right, $1).

Assorted figures.
Eevee Pitapoke $6, charizard $5, froakie mip toy $1, mew bank $3, meowth bank $3, oshawott pitapoke $5
Skrelp line zukan $3, mega groudon zukan $3, mega blastoise zukan $3

Assorted figures.
Kyogre $5, rayquaza $5, clear rayquaza $5, groudon x2 $5, totodile $2, psyduck $1

Assorted figures.
Heracross, blaziken $9, talking Ash with pikachu&jigglypuff&wartortle $15, victini $4, treecko $4, ariados

Damaged/bootleg/miscellaneous figures/erasers $0.50 each.
Row 1: Ash, squirtle 1, psyduck lock, raichu, pikachu 1
Row 2: dewgong, pikachu 2, mew, omanyte, squirtle 2, pikachu&jigglypuff bento eraser, nursejoy, blastoise, zigzagoon
Row 3: mew, mudip, charizard 1, jigglypuff, squirtle 3, pikachu 3, pikachu 4, psyduck 1, psyduck 2, charizard 2, pikachu 5, squirtle 4

Assorted straps/magnets.
Leafeon pokemon time strap $7, Ash magnet $1, mega ampharos strap $1, pikachu strap $1, fenneking magnet $2, leafeon rubber strap $6
Sun/moon magnets $3 each (pikachu, popplio, tapu koko, togedemaru)
Assorted spinners/beans/tops $1.50 each.
Row 1: pikachu, celebi, kecleon, chespin, fennekin, golem, shuppet x2, beautifly, torchic
Row 2: munchlax, pikachu, meganium, combusken, registeel, ho-oh, ho-oh clear
Row 3: croconaw, bayleef, meowth, charmander, wartortle, moltres
Assorted items.
Row 1: blaziken $1, xerneas can badge $1, fennekin $2, dedenne $3, pikachu $1, butterfree $1, bellossom $3, venusaur stamp $1, pikachu $1
Row 2: mega charizard y coin $1, vileplume $1, articuno $1, metang $1, shaymin $1, kyurem? $1, jirachi $1, xerneas $2, yveltal $2, zygarde tissues $1.50
Row 3: bellossom $1, oddish $1, ferroseed $2, ferrothorn $2, chikorita pokedoll charm $8, fennekin/serena $3, turtwig $1
Assorted items.
Row 1: Pikachu oops! harpin $3, christmas pin pikachu&dedenne $5, mega rubber bracelt $4, pocket monsters container $1, top right playset $1
Row 2: eevee button $2, jirachi button $1, espeon/substitute badge $2, dunsparce/substitute badge $1, oshawott badge $2, fennekin badge $3
Row 3: bugsy v-trainer (butterfree, heracross, scizor) $1, cleffa gameboy w/rattata cartridge $1, charizard standee $5, zapdos $1, lower right playset $1
Tissues $1.50 each.
Mega pokemon x3, pikachu&fennekin&hawlucha&froakie, pikachu&dedenne x2, pikachu&eevee&dedenne x2, pikachu, froakie line
Pokedoll pikachu handtowel $2, dedenne&pikachu medium towel $3
gengar pikachu handtowel $2, pikachu&dedenne medium towel $3
Assorted items $3 each.
Row 1: Goomy handtowel, johto pokemon wash cloth
Row 2: eevee mask, ho-oh&lugia gameboy holder, rayquaza sp holder
Assorted items.
Row 1: squirtle&pikachu decal $0.50, sinnoh/diamond/pearl sticker sheet $1, oshawott line card $1
Row 2: N coaster $1, leafeon&glaceon card sleeve $0.50, metal tin (butterfree, squirtle, pikachu, eevee) $2, eevee marble bag $3
Row 3: diancie, xerneas, yveltal blow-up (never used) $2
Assorted items.
Row 1: eevee&sylveon glass $5, pikachu $2, samurott tin $2
Row 2: water pokemon tin (well-used, lapras, seel, golduck, vaporeon) $2, reshiram ds holder $3
Row 3: stylus $2 each (yveltal, oshawott, xerneas), tcg holder $1, fire pokemon glasses case (used, pikachu, cyndaquil, charizard)

Sinnoh/Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Birthday items: $4 before shipping/fees.
Features gen 4 pokemon. I will not be taking more photos as they are already in a box. Includes tablecloth, 1 infernape mask, pencils, some stickers, birthday banner, some wall hangers, one plates, misc small items.
Amaura/Aurorus lot: $15 before shipping/fees.
Not included: mirror
Tags: pokemon, sales
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