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Hello! I haven't posted my sales in a long while. I have some plush, some older Hasbro figures, a ton of kids from gens 1-4, and some other items!

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Time to Post!
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Okay, I have not posted anything on here in quite some time so here I go spouting random things that are a part of my life lately!

Today, we learned that Secret Bases ARE CONFIRMED for ORAS. Another reason why these games are going to be completely rad. I mean, all of the Pokedolls sittin' around the base in 3D? IT'LL BE LIKE AN INGAME COLLECTION, YES PLEASE. I also cannot help but wonder what this means for potential merch, which makes me wonder what will be on pokemoncenter(.)com. I am so stoked for everything regarding these remakes. Sapphire was my favorite game until X, so I'm pretty sure AS will quickly become my favorite...I mean everything that Hoenn holds with the XY graphics/newest Pokemon. *unintelligible screaming*

I have actually been replaying Ruby on my GBASP, which is pretty much my favorite Nintendo device? I mean, the 3DS XL obviously is my *realistic favorite* because of graphics/awesome screen but my love for the SP surpasses nostalgia; it just fits my hand so well, it closes/opens very easily, the backlight is easily turned on and off, I love the placement of the buttons, and it just fits places - like as if it really is meant to be portable. Hmm, who would have thought! ANYWAYENOUGHOFTHAT11YEARLATEREVIEW I have never restarted my Sapphire version but this is at least the 4th time I have replayed Ruby (explaining why I have 4 Groudons chillin' in PokeBank. This time (and at this moment) I have Bayer the Combusken, Naomi the Kirlia, Windy the Pelipper, MAKIT the Hariyama, Bitts the Minun (which btw I found a Plusle before the Minun even though there's a smaller chance of finding the Plusle, alas), and a Zigzagoon named Ziighy who has the lovely ability pickup and knows useful HMs (this is something I typically do until I fill up my party!). I'm thinking the last slot will go to a Pokemon like Wailmer or Carvanha, someone who knows dive. We will see! Anyway, I really do enjoy the layout of this region/the overall diversity of the map, so I cannot wait to see how it will all look in 3D. :)

Another area of my life that I am excited about is moving to a different part of my state for graduate school! It'll be a big change for me, but I am very excited about where it will take me. College is college and, nowadays, only somewhat optional, while grad school is something that I am 100% choosing to enter. Looking forward to meeting others with similar ideologies, passions, and goals. Of course, with all of the positive vibes regarding this change, the only problem is that I will not be able to take my Pokemon collection with me. I am very fortunate to have my parents' home as a "storage place" (AKA the place where most of my stuff stays because I keep moving into completely furnished, small living areas) because all of my collections have been displayed here without much disturbance throughout my time away for undergrad. I am thinking I will be taking my Bulbasaur line collection and Dedenne collection because I think these are the two I will be working the most toward in the upcoming months (gosh, well years, even??).

Dragon Age: Inquisition is something very exciting for me! One of my friends got me into the series a couple (okay, I think almost three now), and it's one of the best ones I have played. I completely fell in love with Alistair (Which, admittedly, is a reason why I have such a fondness for DA:O). But this time around, I will be playing as a male because I am 100% romancing Cassandra (who is a straight LI) because I want to swoon over her. (Not that I even need to state this, but I am straight blah blah blah so the real attraction here is THAT SHE IS COMPLETELY AWESOME/FIERCE/AMAZING/STRONG SO THERE IS NO REASON WHY PEOPLE OF ANY GENDER OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION SHOULD HAVE A PROBLEM SWOONING IN AT LEAST RESPECT). Plus, from the things released about her so far, her character seems to be *layered* (lol okay all of the characters in this series have this to an extent) meaning that the romance may actually feel very honest to reality in that as you get closer to someone, all of their sides, even their deepest ones, seem to show through and reveal themselves. So in all, I am pretty excited about this game as well!

Well, I wish I had a picture to post or something, but I think I'll just end this here. Until next time!

Hasbro Shiny Battle Figures
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Please note that I've had them since they were originally released, and I played with them a lot as a kid, so they aren't in mint condition. ^^"
First up, Scyther! My cat chewed on his head many years ago, but other than that, he's in ok condition.
How he works: Weirdly, you squeeze his legs together, causing his mouth to open, his scythes to move up and down, and his waist to twist. His wings are detachable.
How he works: He has two buttons (one on the back of his neck, the other on his tail) that you can press to release the flame from his mouth and his tail. You can move his wings.
How he works: You fill him with water through the center of his back (or at least that's how I've done it all those years), and you press that button, the same way you filled it, to shoot water out of his cannons. You can move his head.
Charizard, Blastoise, Scyther

Best Day!
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This morning I received a phone call from my dad saying that he and my mom decided they would transfer a bit of money into my account [because I received President's list] to buy whatever I wanted...which naturally would be Pokemon. Last night, I had discovered the magic of japanvideogames.com AND THIS OMG THIS.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 3.59.35 PM

Their site does not allow their shipments to be sent to addresses other than billing addresses, but since I'm at college my billing and shipping addresses differ. So, I did not order him. I was so sad. I watched the video of how he works repeatedly. My roommate heard me giggling and even asked if I was still watching it.

Then today, I discovered JVG has an eBay account that does allow shipments to a different address. SO SUCCESS DANCING BABY SCRAGGY SHOULD GET HERE ON THURSDAY OF THIS WEEK. Thank God for within US shipping. Cries tears of joy.

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Today I got this cutie!!!! I love him. I think I'm naming him Haru. He's a bit worn but that makes me love him more!!


Today's Accomplishments/Realizations!
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1) My love for Steven Stone has been reborn.
Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 10.50.08 PM
3) Got Landorus! And am closer to completing my Pokedex in White 2!
4) I bought things....:D
....I couldn't help myself. I have a soft spot for odd/misshapen plush that aren't exactly booties...just poor unfortunate plushies. :/ Thanks to a post on this site, I found him!
Also this! More help from my fellow PKMNcollectors in finding him!
5) I made a tumblr for my Pokemon related endeavors but have yet to post.
8) Remember Miror B.? Yeah me too.
9) And finally, I have discovered the mystery of the universe.

Oh and yesterday I realized I love Oshawott.

Today's Pokemon adventure...
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Since I'm away at college, I don't have 24/7 access to my Pokemon collection. However, I went home to see my lovely boyfriend yesterday evening. Today I stayed at my house a little longer than I normally would have to document my plush.


As you can tell, I had a bit of trouble. I DO have shelves to put the little guys on, but that closet is such a mess! When I go home for spring break, I want to finally redo that closet so that it is completely covered in Pokemon love.

I've ordered a few different plush online recently and I can't wait for them to get here!! Also, I'm going to work hard to get all of the Pokemon up on my site, and then to find their years and makers.

Obligatory First Post
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Well, I guess it's about time to commit to this website, after years of debating a membership (or rather, a new membership, as I had one long forgotten during middle school). As you could guess by my username, I love all things Pokemon. Of course, I have other interests, too! For my future posts, I will most likely focus on my Pokemon endeavors (EV training, plush collecting, and overall anticipation for Pokemon X and Y!!), my cosplays, and my artwork (as I am a studio art major). :)

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